Washing Cloth Nappies

Pre-washing your nappies
When you first bring your order home, pre-wash the nappies before use. Please remember that inserts that contain Bamboo only reach full absorbency after about 8-10 washes but may be worn after the first wash. Before they have been washed 8-10 times, they may not hold as much liquid so be patient.

Washing your nappies
Un-snap all the inserts from the shell before placing in an empty dry bucket. Do not soak as this will damage the Bamboo fibre. The nappies can be kept in a dry bucket for up to 3 days. Any longer and the ammonia in urine will destroy the Bamboo fibre resulting in holes. Place a full load of nappies in the washing machine, set your machine on the longest cycle and add any detergent. Never use softener and watch out for detergent with ‘built in’ softener. If you do use softener on your nappies this will result in poor absorbency. If you don’t have a full load of nappies to wash, add a towel to increase agitation.
Preferably dry on the line but if tumble drying is necessary, only tumble the inserts on low heat. You cannot tumble dry the waterproof shell, this will result in delamination.

A green bar of Sunlight Soap is one of the most affordable and effective stain removers.
Scrubbing nappy lightly before putting it into the washing works wonders.
To avoid staining and build up on the nappy it is best to use a nappy liner and to try avoid zinc based creams as these contain metals and will cause the inside of the nappy to blacken.
Sunlight is also great for removing stains so dry your nappies outside on the line as often as possible.
Please do not use bleach or other harsh detergents as these will damage your nappies.

Bum Cream
Always use Cloth Safe bum cream.
Make sure to use a liner if you do have to use bum cream.