Adjusting The Size

One-size-fits-all (OSFA) Nappies have 4 rows of clips on the front of the nappy called Rise Snaps. These four rows of rise snaps give you 4 sizes, small, medium, large and extra-large. Close the rise snaps in the front of the nappy to where you think it will fit your child, small babies will have all the rise snaps closed. OSFA nappies generally fit babies between 5 – 17kgs.

Once the nappy is on the child check to see it is the correct setting and change if necessary. Make sure the nappy is firm (but not tight) around the legs. The nappy may fit around the waist, but you may get gaping around the legs, this can be an indication your baby is still a little small for the current size setting. Check every few months to see if the nappy is still on the correct setting and adjust accordingly.