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Regular Size - Bamboo Charcoal

1 Layer PUL (Waterproofing)

Bamboo Charcoal with 2 hidden layer of microfibre

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R 35.00

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Bam+Boo's menstrual pads are very simple to use and provide an effective and far more comfortable alternative to disposable pads.

Each pad is made with snaps to hold it securely to your underwear (rather than the adhesive strip on disposables). Washable and reusable, Bam+Boo's menstrual pads feature bamboo - this fabric is super soft and low allergenic on sensitive skin, plus its extremely absorbent. A waterproof layer (PUL) helps to prevent any leaks through onto your underwear.

Caring for your Bam+Boo menstrual pads is simple: rinse in cold water, then place in a bucket or waterproof bag until you're ready to wash. Wash on a 20-30 degree standard wash along with your regular laundry. Use regular detergent and avoid using bleach or fabric softener. Do not tumble dry. 

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