About us

We are an online store based in Westville, KZN. We have more than seven years knowledge and experience in the South African modern cloth nappy market. Bam+Boo Baby offers you an extensive range of Modern Cloth Nappies and accessories.

We believe in quality, convenience, comfort and style when it comes to Modern Cloth Nappies. Parents are switching to cloth nappies for both an economical and environmentally friendly alternative to disposables.

Bam+Boo parents can choose from different absorbency rates, colours, styles, fabric and prices to meet all their baby’s comfort needs. Our website has a handy Nappy FAQs section providing advice about which cloth nappy to choose and how to care for the nappies. Sign up for our quarterly Newsletter to keep you up to date on the latest trends and products available.

If you’re not comfortable with online shopping but would like to see and feel our nappies, why not contact an Agent for a demo. We have Agents nationwide with whom you can organise a nappy demo with. Invite Bam+Boo to your baby shower or Antenatal class, we will bring samples, accessories and load of information. Contact us with any questions you may have.