Hemp Fitted Nappy


The Fancypants Hemp Fitted Nappy is perfect for heavy-wetters or for use as a night-nappy. It fits babies from 5-17kgs.  Made of 100% natural fibres (55% hemp/45% organic cotton) our Fancypants Hemp Fitted Nappy comes with an outer nappy and 2 inserts (each 3 layers of the same material of hemp/organic cotton). The larger insert can be snapped into the back of the nappy and folded over to give extra absorbency. The smaller insert can be placed where you need it most.  That gives you 9 layers of absorbency in the ‘wet zone’ plus the actual nappy itself. This night time nappy is not waterproof and needs to be paired with either a PUL Waterproof Cover or Fleece Cover. To keep baby dry at night we highly recommend Fleece Liners instead of Biodegradable Liners.

For extra absorption we recommend a Hemp Insert between the nappy and the cover to minimize bulk.






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