Bamboo Cotton Fleece Inserts


These Fancypants 32 x 12.5cm inserts are three layers of 70% Bamboo/30% Cotton fleece.
Bamboo inserts are ultra-absorbent, comfy and soft, providing a natural alternative to Microfibre. The Fancypants Bamboo inserts are the same size as normal Fancypants Microfibre inserts making them easy to pair with or replace depending in the Originals and Basics Nappies as well as boost night time solutions.
*Sold as a single insert.

Bamboo Cotton Fleece Insert



Reaches full absorbency after 8 washes. 

Washing: cold or warm (up to 35 degrees). Do not pre-soak. Store in an empty bucket until washing day (no longer than 3 days). No fabric softener. Can be tumble dried on low heat.

Detailed washing tips


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